The Print Connection Inc.

The Print Connection Inc. first opened its doors in 1996 to fulfill the growing need for short run labels. With private labeling growing at an exponential rate and the need for on demand labels growing even faster, The Print Connection believed that they would be able to provide to this growing market with digital label printing presses. By implementing a digital production environment, The Print Connection has been able to provide no minimum quantity label orders and turn around times that meet their clients needs. Although digital presses are the perfect match for short run labels it can be costly to produce longer runs. The Print Connection also provides long runs as well by using conventional flexo presses.

The Print Connection has since gained a solid reputation for high quality products, industry leading turnaround times and exceptional customer support at competitive pricing. The Print Connectionís turnaround time is generally 3-5 working days but tries to accommodate orders that were required yesterday.

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